Every retailer has unique capabilities to build a bespoke suite of media channel touchpoints that are attractive to brand owners. Here are just some of the ways we can help.

Digital screens for responsive visual engagement

We deploy large format in-store and outfacing digital screens at scale.

With activation lead times in days and ad slots geared to weather or time of day, they provide a highly targeted means to execute nationally and locally.

We work with a range of different business models to fit retailer requirements around capex, operating costs and media revenue.

E-commerce media for attributable ROI

We build the capabilities to deliver campaigns tailored to brand ambitions around volume, value, marketing or NPD objectives.

Our light touch 'test and learn' approach uses live data to provide real-time insight and optimisation.

We cover all aspects of price/format structuring, campaign planning, selling, execution and reporting.

In-store media touchpoints with insight

We construct and manage a portfolio of in-store media touchpoints to meet the changing requirements of branded shopper marketers.

We provide better insight into campaign performance with standardised metrics linked to EPOS feeds and benchmark stores.

Around the store to drive footfall

Many retailers own real and potential media assets in their immediate environs.

There are multiple third-party options too: local press, social, billboards.

Linked to neighbourhood and purchase data, these become valuable, additional tools to augment the total offer to proactive brand owners.

Social media to start a conversation

Every retailer has facebook, twitter, and email newsletter, plus other digital assets.

We package these up as digital bundles to meet the needs of brands' shopper marketeers.

We do so with GDPR compliance baked into a broader understanding of communicating to today's marketing-savvy consumers.

Managed compliance for ‘all stores’ presence

Poor compliance means wasted budget. We deal with this challenge by literally doing all the legwork.

Our specialised field teams physically walk into stores to correctly place POS material ensuring that all that planning and creative effort does not go to waste in the all-important final yards of the path to purchase.

Personalised comms to drive loyalty

Accurate delivery of personalised communications is very difficult for retailers.

We solve this by building customer engagement platforms for specialised interest groups such as prospective parents or road commuters.

These content-rich services cover mobile apps, websites and social media. Targeted media can then be served to participating members on behalf of brands.

"the opportunities for retailers and brand owners to deliver more are boundless"

Jon Southcombe, CEO, rmi