BASE™ for Brands

Plan, execute and automatically measure all your events in one end-to-end workflow solution.

How can BASE™ for Brands help you?

BASE™ for Brands, allows manufacturers, brands and agencies to budget, plan, deliver, and evaluate their in-store and out of home media campaigns. Due to its flexible cloud-based nature, our solutions can be selected as individual offerings or packaged to suit your needs and objectives. Connect with one of our experts to discover the solution that best meets your requirements.

Plan effectively

Systematic approach to building and agreeing the plan, with unlimited scenario planning and reporting at multiple levels of granularity including; portfolio category, brand, year to date vs. budget.

Improve efficiency

Optimise delivery processes; streamline management of events, reducing internal effort and downstream agency fees, bringing delivery under control.

Measure results

Auto measurement of every shopper marketing campaign delivering a standardised sales lift vs. base at a total even level, with the option for additional insight on the impact of different media tactics.

Maximise ROI

Cost savings from optimised workflows combined with increased sales from better targeting of spend by brand, retailer, media tactic and geography based on what delivers the results.

Target and segment

  • Target by demographic, geography, retailer, & media channel
  • Market level planning which can include multiple retailers
  • Target shopper segmentation by uploading your existing customer typologies to the solution and then use this definition to quickly build your plans

Budget and plan campaigns

  • Allocate shopper marketing budgets from different sources to your annual and in year planning processes
  • Generate shopper marketing plans at the appropriate level of granularity

Execute and deliver

  • Process and work flow management
  • Link with media vendors, agencies, 3rd parties (e.g. printers)
  • Create PO’s and manage processes

Measure, evaluate and optimise

  • Provide campaign insight and standardised evaluation of every event to deliver lift ROI vs. baseline
  • Results and data visualisation 
  • ROI of each event element using test vs. control stores