BASE™ for Retailers

The technology platform enabling retailers to realise the value of their media estate.

What is BASE™ for Retailers?

BASE™ for Retailers enables retailers to sell, plan, implement, and evaluate their in-store media channels. Your media inventory will be stored on a bespoke version of the BASE™ software solution. BASE™ consists of 3 cloud-based platforms, designed to optimise each stage of the media plan, do, review process.

Drive sales

Produce campaigns designed to drive category/product and store sales.

Increase investment

Develop and expand media offering to maximise supplier funded media income.

Increase efficiency

Standardise and centralise your media centre operations to increase efficiency.

Gain visibility

Provide campaign insight and evaluation for re-investment.


  • Hyperlocal targeting - Increase sales by dialing up activity in areas where your target market live, work and play 
  • Channel information - Save time and drive efficiency by storing all media critical information in one place 
  • Media channel selection - Drive sales further by using the media channels your customers respond to most


  • Job bag management - Increase process efficiency and clarity through end-to-end activity and campaign management
  • Production processing - Reduce production costs through central control and standardised delivery
  • Creative analysis - Compare artwork against an archive of previous projects to assess effectiveness


  • Post-campaign evaluation - See the ROI of activity in comparison to control stores without the media.
  • Media channel impact - Understand the most impactful channels in your activity to assist in future planning.
  • Basket analysis - Understand your shoppers better by seeing what else they are buying alongside your products