Wow! It's more disruptive than Digital Media...

Let’s all take a moment to raise Retail Media onto a pedestal; and yes, let’s give it a well-deserved round of applause…

The fact is, shopper marketing shares so many of the common factors which have made Digital so appealing; nay, indispensable to advertisers…  

Over a 10 year period, just like the early days of the internet, it’s emerged from nowhere; it’s rapidly terra-formed into a global phenomenon, surrounded by innovation and specialist players who are stepping forwards to profess expertise in a subject previously shrouded with mystery.

It’s true, expertise in this space is a rare commodity; This could become a problem for Brand Owners and Retailers who aren’t as far down their learning curve as early adopter competitors.

Quite why agencies, who have such solid client relationships, aren’t further ahead with their abilities to advise on Shopper Activation Strategies is mysterious?  For all their talk of innovation and experimentation, they’re at risk of falling behind if they don’t put Retail in the same arena as traditional media.

Why?  Clients appreciate hand-holding and advice, essential when big budgets
are in play.  Budgets are now at unprecedented levels for effective shopper investment, step forward the “Shopper Marketer”.  There’s space a-plenty for digital specialists looking for their next challenge to shine brightly under a different spotlight. 

There’s more common ground than it may first appear:
Big Data, Media Accountability, Targeted Comms, Data science, Trackability, ROI...
Sounds familiar, right?

For these reasons, a second generation of talent is currently being attracted like moths to a flame into this space.  Retail offers the confines of a unique eco-system for advertisers to play under near-perfect laboratory conditions.  Experimentation with test and control audiences, geo-locations, A/B creative treatments – once the preserve of Google and Facebook, have now been opened up to every Brand
Owner on every high street.  With specialist conferences now a firm calendar fixture, bright minds are now regularly coming together and figuring out this space, how to optimise activations and how to prove it!  

Pick up any Annual Report from a global CPG Manufacturer and you’ll see that this has reached the radar of nearly every major CEO - Who'd have dared dream just 10 years ago?

There are few chances that anyone has in a career to play a key role in something that breaks down such well-established barriers and claims new ground.  That’s why
we’ve chosen to evolve a dedicated Operating System, (we call it, BASE™) that perfectly supports the needs of every shopper marketer and retailer, globally - our proud contribution towards the legacy that is being built around us, as one of the most effective forms of communication in the 21st Century.

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