The 5 MUSTS for effective Shopper Marketing Campaigns...

Having observed changing trends, approaches and messaging over 15 years, it’s interesting to take time out and condense this experience into a pocket-sized summary.

Over this time period, our proprietary tools have helped us analyse hundreds of campaigns, across dozens of media tactics at a forensic level; (positioning, word count, colours) – some more effective than others! Here are our five MUSTS which Shopper Marketers would benefit from...

Must be Meaningful
Choose a focal point of your campaign which people can apply to their own tastes, families or experiences.
With so much clutter and noise online, in-store and on-air – it’s crucial that you speak directly to your audience with honesty and relevance. 
This will position your message without the shopper having to mentally compute where your product meets their needs.

Must be Unified
A single message re-enfored across multiple media tactics will amplify your cut-through.
Always use a ‘Campaign Moodboard’ to assess that all your creative components share a cohesive tone, visuals and theme. 
This will ensure that the combined frequncy and exposure of your message will anchor itself in the sub-conscious and increase consideration and ROI.

Must beSupportive
Always ensure your message and timing supports the Retailers’ environment and calendar.
Work collaboratively with your buyer/agency to find a link to their core existing in-store themes.
This will help consumers be more receptive to your message if it’s cohesive with all the other planned subliminal triggers…  

Must be Targeted
Commit to a specific audience you want to influence.
Semiotic agencies can assist with imagery, tone of voice, colour palette, cultural references.
This will help ensure that your campaign is optimismed to resonate with your most important target audience…

Must be Simple
Choose a single core message which can be absorbed sub-consciously by the Shopper.
Enforce the value proposition which can influence purchase: New / Increased / Reduced / Improved: variant, price, flavour, ingredients, look…
This will give reason to why your product is worthy of selection in the nano-seconds taken to eliminate other options on offer…